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Yours Truly

I often have a lot to say. I often have a mouth that betrays me.
Even if I didn't though, I think I really love letters - writing them, reading them, thinking of them. So much so that I try to incorporate them into most of my works if possible.
I like communicating with people - in a way that I don't see their immediate reactions, but also in a way that can make them happy and giddy.
There has been so many letters/poetry-esque works that i've written over time and flushed down the toilet.
Letters are not just for the one receiving them, but also for the ones writing them. Just penning them down brings peace to my heart.

People have different love languages. I have an epistolary love language. For all kinds of love. 💖.

to the one deserves an apology


to chester and ourselves


to all the grown ups


to the friend who is always there