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to the friend who is always there


the friend who is always there,

This is to that friend who has never let me down in my life. To that friend who has never let me alone in the dark (neither has she left me in the light, somehow she is just always beside me). To that friend who takes the trouble to wish me good morning and good night every day (and by everyday, I do mean every date on the calendar that we know).

I am the kind of person who has always found some void in friendships – something missing. With most friendships, I have been disappointed at least once; but when it comes to her, she is just a breath of fresh air and a sunshine to my life.

Oh friend, we have drifted apart physically, sure. You reside somewhere in the country that is lands apart and I reside at the other corner, but even then, you have been one constant in my life.

You stepped into my life when I believed that friends last forever and you stayed through the phase when I realized that they are nothing but temporary relations. And you proved me wrong. We might not have heard each other’s voices for months, but if there is one thing that I am sure of, it is that whenever we talk, it’s going to be from the heart. Our conversation don’t have to be filled with excitement every time, and it’s okay. It is important to realize that it’s completely okay. But I believe that our conversation, even when it’s a mere good morning, is something that I would never trade for anything in the world.

It’s like I have hit a jackpot.

Every morning waking up to your message and every night sleeping to the same, has made me feel that apart from my family, I do have someone else who cares about me and is worried about me and wishes the best for me.

Thank you for being that friend who is a wonder, who is a mystery, but above all, who is a brilliant human.

And it is now that I realize that I have never thanked you enough. Because every time that I have attempted at showing you my gratitude, you have returned with double the force, showering me with your love. And this – this is the best thing I can come up with to show you my gratitude.

Here is my open letter to you my friend, who has always been there; so much so that I could never sense you being away. Remember how I always confused myself (and still do, to be honest) on when we last saw each other? Maybe it’s because I never felt that you were away from me.

To the friend who is away from me, yet still with me; to the friend who always listens to me; to the friend who think I’m beautiful despite all flaws; and to the friend who is a friend – in every sense that the human history has seen:

I am sorry I have failed to keep in touch with you at various points of life.

And I am sorry for all the times you felt I was not there.

And I am sorry for the instance, if and when, you felt that I was not listening, or the time when I was just not enough of a friend for you.

But I want you to know that distance may do us apart, but in all honesty, you have never lost me as a friend. I cannot promise and I will not promise because the world has morphed promises into a vessel of hollowness; instead, I will say – just say, because saying is much more easy, and it is much more comfortable; but most of all because it is much more personal – that I will always be the figure you can lean on to when needed.

Thank you for listening to my endless stories, and thank you for always encouraging me to do what my heart says. Thank you for telling me what went wrong (even when all you really do is tell me how amazing something I do is although when it’s far from what you describe it as) and thank you for being the shade to a life full of sharp and scorching heat.

I won’t call you my best friend, instead, I’ll just call you my friend, truly, and from the deepest core of my heart that I can manage. Side by side or miles apart, VG, you are a company always worth having.

The greatest gift of life is friendship, and thanks to you – I have received it.

yours truly

the friend who promises to always stay there as well